The past 365 days has been some of the best of my life by far!  It's like the stars and planets suddenly aligned for us and everything feels so right.  We spent the day reminiscing, looking through photos, and wondering about what's yet to come.  Needless to say it was the best. day. ever. and the beginning to many more.

The girls and I started the day in a gorgeously lit San Francisco apartment we found on airbnb.  Mar, from Team Hair & Make-up kept us floored with laughter with her hilarious comments and jokes!  After spending some intimate moments with my mom as she helped me slip into my dress, my brother drove me to Presideo Park for my first look with Darren.  The morning felt slow and meaningful.  I obviously couldn't hold back tears as my mom watched me transform into a bride.  And having my brother drive me to my first look was equally special, it was his way of giving me away.  As I approached Darren, all I wanted to do was run towards him!  But my heels couldn't keep up.  Tears gushed and thank god for make-up sealants! We walked around the beautiful trees of Presideo Park and before you know it it's ceremony time!  

Our ceremony was filled with family and all of our favorite songs.  We decided to stay away from the typical classical ballads and stuck to songs that reminded us of our relationship.  Towards the end of the ceremony, our immediate family members gathered around Darren and I for a blessings prayer.  It was the most indescribable feeling to have so much support and love in that moment.  Probably one of my favorite moments of the day.  

Then, we said "i do", we kissed, & skipped down the aisle!  I was still shedding tears of joy as our bridal party hugged and celebrated with us.  Beautiful appetizers and colored drinks were quickly passed around to add to the celebration.  

Darren and I then grabbed our siblings and slipped into the building to sign our marriage certificate.  It was so meaningful to have our siblings as witnesses, since Darren and I are both the youngest in our families it's almost like our older siblings guided us through life and we truly love and appreciate them for that.  

The rest of the evening was full of amazing toasts by our loved one, yummy food, photo booth picture taking, and topped with ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Truly a day to remember.  I couldn't ask for a more loving, patient, forgiving, God-seeking man.  He's my favorite part of me.  Here's to more years to come!!

We're so thankful for the wonderful vendors that completely over exceeded our expectations and made our day perfect!! It really helps to have amazing vendors that are both talented and so much fun to work with!  Thank you all!

Photos by Jose Villa
Video by Imaginale Designs
Wedding Coordinator: Kristi Herrmann
Floral Design: Cambria Wheeler
Calligraphy : Jennifer Halverson
Catering: Melons Catering
Team Hair & Make-up: Mar